Our Waddle

Our story

Penguin Brewery was hatched at Phillip Island in December 2012. It all started with a passion for brewing beer, and love for the island: a local living in Sunderland Bay who started making home brews in his garage, soon got traction with the idea and decided to try and build his dream.

Our beer is named after the iconic penguins from Phillip Island. One night while making beer in his garage in Sunderland Bay, the idea of naming the beer after the penguins down the road, seemed like a great idea. In doing so, Penguin Beer could then create additional awareness for the Penguin Foundation and support the great work they are doing. A year later, Penguin Brewery is a proud family business and corporate sponsor of the Penguin Foundation. We are very excited to be ‘living the dream’, supporting the penguins while doing what we love – making beer.

Penguin Brewery has a history in breweries and beer dating back several generations. Our great grandfather was involved in brewing as well as brewery logistics for several prominent breweries in Victoria. Our great grandfather shared his recipe with his son, who taught his grandson and now us. We have adjusted the recipe to what we believe to be a great tasting beer, which we can now share with you. Even though we love our garage in Sunderland Bay, due to the increase in production and company development, and although we still hand craft the beer ourselves, our brewery had to emigrate just off the island.

At Penguin Brewery we are proud of our beer for its taste, its owner operated hands on brewery, our local connection, but most of all, we are happy that while enjoying a Penguin Beer we can also support the island.


The team at Penguin Brewery

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